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Your Business Essentials

It All Begins With You ...

What are your business essentials? What is your Business Approach? What is your Business Model?

Are you a Leader or a Follower?

a leader : makes decisions that are on the cutting edge, makes them fast, enjoys the challenge, is ahead of competition. Brings-on a rush by challenging others and self. “Slow” - is not in the vocabulary. Competition brings excitement and growth.

a follower : Takes time before introducing new services or equipment - has to see it working somewhere else first. Makes cautious, calculating, careful and forethoughtful decisions. Has to visualize and be able to calculate the end result, profit and return on investment.

There is an important common trait between the two: a continuous concern for survival and business growth. Constantly gaining and retaining a steady stream of customers. Working towards the goal of streamlined operations and continuous tweaking for optimum results.

“Only silly people can do the same thing and anticipate different results”
Chinese Proverb

To succeed in today’s business world, you must stay ahead of your competition, and you must constantly improve and expand your “menu list” by introducing new, exciting equipment, products and services.

Regardless of your business model – you must diversify!

Training your employees to better sell your existing services, improving the appearance and image of your business, and continuously innovate your marketing strategies are ALL essential ingredients for your business survival and success.

Not doing all that will make you fall behind of your competition and eventually lead you to fail your business and your family.

Ask Yourself… Do I do ALL this? How do I do it? Do I have a good plan?

As a responsible business owner you MUST have a detailed and clear plan for action!

Our marketing savvy that comes from years of experience has helped us create a result driven SpaCapsule Business Solution System™ , placing us among the leaders in helping business owners achieve their financial security and business success. We bring you solid strategies and practical business guidance providing you the opportunity to use our knowledge and expertise for your success.

We have the advantage! We have the experts - ranging from Doctors to marketing professionals, from business executives to advertising specialists - all on our staff and ready to help.

For most small businesses, effective marketing and advertising strategies are the “make it-or-break it” necessity for success!

We are a company that has what it takes to bring you success:

  • We have the passion for what we do
  • We have the dedication for your success
  • We know that your success is our success
  • We have the willingness to serve
  • We solve problems early and completely
  • We work hard and constantly push ourselves mentally and physically
  • We have the innovation, creativity, curiosity and resourcefulness
  • We conquer adversity and turn failure into learning
Most Importantly - we have the skill of fusing our company energy and our achievements with our highest aspirations for your success - which is our fulfillment in life.

Our company, Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc., endlessly dedicates time to active learning, acquires new knowledge to stay on top by promptly addressing today’s business challenges so that we can help you solve and overcome your concerns for longevity and growth of your business.

We are dedicated to the success of your business and wish you much accomplishment in your personal life.

Ella Frenkel
CEO and President
Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc.
The Home of SpaCapsule® -
a Worldwide sponsor of Massage and Health Awareness Evolution™

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About our CEO: Ella Frenkel is licensed Doctor of Chiropractic who graduated Temple University and Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic in Philadelphia. Ella is a prolific writer and an engaging speaker. She often speaks on topics of health-care, health related issues, technology in healthcare, and business marketing. She is mother of four children and a tireless leader of Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. She initiated and continues to promote the campaign for Worldwide Massage and Health Awareness Evolution™ -- a campaign designed to disseminate the knowledge of massage and its amazing benefits for a balanced, holistic life.

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