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SpaCapsule | Spa Capsule Massage and De-stress
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About SpaCapsule®

Our Doctors, with 40 years of combined professional experience, created the most perfect system for weight loss, anti-cellulite, massage, anti-aging, and de-stressing. Our non-invasive technology is called the SpaCapsule®. It provides unattended, self-automated treatments for any Health, Beauty, Wellness, Fitness and Sport facility.

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We are often lumped together with other manufacturers who call their equipment hydromassage, or hydro massage, or water bed massage, or hydrotherapy, or aquamassage, or aquamed, or aquajet, or hydro therapy, etc. equipment! We are so much more! SpaCapsule® is Massage, Aromatherapy, Audio-Video Relaxation, De-Stressing Device that offers complete relaxation and rejuvenation; it inspires senses, relieves tension, anxiety, worry, and stress (destress); it offers peaceful oasis to escape and indulge. SpaCapsule® offers iPod and iPhone connectivity and with optional Oxygen Therapy as an additional rejuvenation technique. Spa Capsule ® is dominating the market in health-related relaxation and de-stressing equipment. SEC is the creator and manufacturer of patented SpaCapsule® that can be found in many environments such as Corporate Centers & Lounges, Relaxation Centers, Gyms and Health Clubs, Doctor's Office, Hotel, Tanning and Beauty Salons/Spas, Luxury Accommodations, Golf Clubs, Ski Lounges, Shopping Centers and Malls, Homes, Cruise Ships and many other venues. SpaCapsule® was designed and tested by Doctors. It is in the forefront of mainstream healthcare alternatives. SpaCapsule® is the official sponsor of Worldwide Massage and Health Awareness Evolution™